From cybersecurity to software development to artificial intelligence, you'll learn the foundations to have a real-world impact.

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The major technical challenges facing the industry and beyond will focus on data analytics, machine learning, autonomous systems, cyber security and interactive technologies. Our qualifications are forward-thinking and designed for students wishing to gain knowledge in the latest advances in cutting-edge technology.

Combined with the delivery of real-world practical knowledge, our qualifications will lead you into a career focused on creatively solving problems by advancing processes to provide solutions. These skills are in demand across all industry sectors, providing multiple career pathways for your development.

London City IoT courses up to and including Level 5 are delivered by Newham College, and Level 6 and above by Queen Mary University of London. Once you have found the course you are looking for, your application will be directed to the relevant College or University website. Students at the London City IoT are protected by and subject to the policies and formal learning agreements with the respective College or University which are contained within those websites.


Access to Higher Education: Computer Science and Maths

Level 3

Cloud Computing

Level 3

Cyber Security Level 3

Level 3

HNC/HND in Computing

Level 4


Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analyst) Level 6 Apprenticeship

Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) Level 6 Apprenticeship